Government Center

Community and Government Center Update

As of the end of October, construction on the Mashpee Wampanoag Community and Government Center was 3.2% complete. Construction began on September 24th, and in the month of October, the executive and judicial trailers were relocated, the old government building was taken down, new separate entrances have been created for the public and construction vehicles, the entire building site and overflow parking area has been cleared, and the foundation work for the new building has begun. Construction is on time according to our construction schedule.

The Tribe has been working with the Owner’s Project Representative and contractors to maximize Tribal employment opportunities on this project, and Tribal employment to date is exceeding goals.


To date 7 major subcontractors have contributed to the total workforce:
Robert Our - Site construction subcontractor working on preparing building
site grades and fills
Miranda (Tribal Owned Entity) -Site and demolition contractor demolishing existing building and trenching utilities
Simmons -Concrete forms and placement. Installing foundations & footings.
Griffin Electric -Electrical contactor. Installing temporary electrical utilities.
Sylvester -Building moving company. Relocating the two Executive trailers.
Valiant Security (Tribal Owned Entity and TERO Certified) -Providing overnight site security.
RGB - Owners Representative. Providing on site monitoring during



As of the end of October, 180 full time employee (FTE) days have been devoted to the project. With the help of Yvonne Tobey and the general contractor, Dellbrook Construction, out of 180 FTE days, 79 were performed by Tribal members for over 42% Tribal participation on the project. In addition, two of the subcontractors onsite so far are Tribal Owned Entities.

To maximize Tribal participation, the Tribe, led by WIA Director Yvonne Tobey, has collected, organized, and categorized many resumes of tribal members seeking employment; is assisting Dellbrook in finding Tribal members with skill sets that match up with subcontractor requirements; assists subcontractors in finding Tribal members that match their skill set needs; is encouraging Tribal members to directly contact subcontractors that work within the field in which they have experience; and is assisting Tribal members to gain the needed basic prerequisites to be able to work on the MWGC project site.

In addition, Dellbrook Construction communicates to all subcontractors the minimum requirements for tribal member hiring and encourages the goals not only be met but exceeded; distributes the list of available Tribal workers which has been organized by worker skill sets; provides resumes to subcontractors of tribal workers; meets with subcontractor foremen / managers prior to mobilization to review Tribal participation onsite; tracks on a daily basis, the names and hours worked of all Tribal and non-tribal workers, along with the company for which each individual works; and provides contact information (through Yvonne Tobey) of all subcontractors hired for use by Tribe members to solicit employment directly.

Over the next few months, we expect to continue to make great progress on this project. Foundation construction continues with completion of the majority of frost wall placement by late December. Structural steel is scheduled to arrive onsite and early steel erection is planned for January. Specialty steel frames and roof joists are to be received in February, and the early installation of underslab electrical and plumbing work is scheduled for January-February.