Storm Update

Dear Tribal Community,

I hope that you and your family have made it through Sandy safely and with as little disruption as possible. As you know, due to the damage and unsafe conditions, Tribal offices are closed today.

However, Tribal Operations never stopped working throughout the storm, and I want to say a heartfelt thank you and job well done to our Emergency Preparedness, Elders Services, and Building and Grounds Departments, and many Tribal employees and citizens who have been working together non-stop to monitor the storm and damage, check in on Elders, and take care of neighbors and family. This has been a team effort and I am very proud of you all!

These efforts are continuing. While we were spared the worst of the storm, there is still widespread damage, power outages, and unsafe road conditions. We will continue to check in on Elders in the Mashpee area, help with any damage, and assess any damage to Tribal property. Please continue to check in on your own family and neighbors if it is safe to do so. Please be aware that any down power line may be live, and that many roads are still slippery or may have debris present.


Power Outages

o Power outages can be reported online or by calling 1-800-465-1212 in New England

o NStar:

o National Grid:

Information Resources

o For all non-emergency information call MASS 2-1-1 (dial 211)

o Call your Local Health Department

o go to

Again, I want to thank our Tribal employees and entire Tribal community for pulling together, acting with compassion and professionalism, and taking care of each other.


Cedric Cromwell
Qaqeemasq (Running Bear)

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