WIA department is recruiting Tribal members

Wuneekeesuq Nutawâm (Greetings to my Tribal Community),

The WIA department is recruiting Tribal members to become certified as Fiber Optics Technicians.

Fiber Optics is a technology that uses glass (or plastic) threads (fibers) to transmit data. A fiber optic cable consists of a bundle of glass threads, each of which is capable of transmitting messages modulated onto light waves.

Fiber optics has several advantages over traditional metal communications lines:

  • Fiber optic cables have a much greater bandwidth than metal cables. This means that they can carry more data.
  • Fiber optic cables are less susceptible than metal cables to interference.
  • Fiber optic cables are much thinner and lighter than metal wires.
  • Data can be transmitted digitally (the natural form for computer data) rather than analogically.

The main disadvantage of fiber optics is that the cables are expensive to install. In addition, they are more fragile than wire and are difficult to splice.

Fiber optics is a particularly popular technology for local-area networks. In addition, telephone companies are steadily replacing traditional telephone lines with fiber optic cables. In the future, almost all communications will employ fiber optic cabling.

Cape Cod Community College in conjunction with the Fiber Optic Association is offering training courses to get certification to actually install and splice fiber optic cabling.  Check out their website – thefoa.org

OpenCape Corporation is constructing a comprehensive middle mile communications network to support the economic, educational, public safety and governmental needs of Cape Cod, the Islands and Southeastern MA.  What this means is that they will be installing fiber optic cable on telephone poles and in underground conduits for expanded broadband use and connectivity.  Check out their website at www.opencape.com.  OpenCape hired CapeNet as their construction contractor to actually build this infrastructure, and their subcontractors will be installing the fiber.  This is a great opportunity for Tribal citizens to get education and training in this fast growing field.

If you are interested in learning more about this exciting opportunity, please contact Yvonne Tobey, Director, Workforce Investment Act Department at 508 477 0208, ext. 226 (office), 774 238 1165 (text), or ytobey@mwtribe.com.


Cedric Cromwell Qaqeemasq (Running Bear)


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