Giving Thanks from Tribal Chairman Cedric Cromwell

and attending the Mashpee Wampanoag Traditional Thanks Giving On November 20th, 2010

Wuneekeesuq Nutawam (Greetings to my Tribal Community),

I want to thank all of the Tribal members for coming out to the Mashpee Wampanoag Tribe Traditional Thanks Giving at the Old Indian Meeting House in Mashpee. I want to express a special thank you to the entire Old Indian Meeting House Committee (OIMHC) – Carol Lopez, Pauline Peters, Ellen Hendricks, Anne Foxx, Anita Mother Bear Peters, Jeanne Peters, and Norman Dias for their tireless work in coordinating and delivering a wonderful day! There were over 100 Tribal members present.

I gave special thanks on that day to the Mashpee Wampanoag Tribe for electing me as their Tribal Chairman and for being able to represent our Tribe as we continue to move in a positive direction. I gave thanks to the OIMHC and Tribal Council OIMHC liaison Trish Keliinui for the wonderful work they have done to ensure we have ceremonies and gatherings at the Old Indian Meeting House. I gave thanks for our strong culture and history. I gave thanks for our ancestors as they are still alive today, because we are all tools and vessels that communicate with them and recognize them so that we will continue to live, grow and prosper as a strong and united Mashpee Wampanoag Tribe!

Most of all, I gave thanks to my ancestors: Great Great Grandmother Annie Pocknett, Great Grandmother Etta Pocknett-Tobey, my Grandmother Theora Tobey and much love and thanks to my Mother Constance “Lone Eaglist” Tobey-Cromwell for giving birth to me into the Mashpee Wampanoag Tribe and making me a strong Mashpee Wampanoag Leader and Tribal Chairman.

There was venison stew, quahog chowder, blueberry slump and raw oysters on the half shell provided by our very own Fish and Wildlife Commission. All of the Mashpee Wampanoag food was delicious. Many Tribal members raved about the food and there was drumming and singing that continued throughout the day. There were so many Tribal families that attended, had ceremony together and gave thanks

I am sure as the OIMHC plans future ceremonies and gatherings there will be more Tribal members in attendance. The word is spreading, the medicine is good and our people are uniting! The Creator’s work is being done to ensure our people and our culture lives forever.

In the spirit of feeding our people physically and spiritually and assisting Tribal Elders and our people in need, for the second year in a row, the Tribal Council distributed over 100 turkeys to Tribal members at the food pantry. The turkey has been well received by our people and we look forward to continuing this tradition.

During this holiday season, I hope you will join with me in celebrating by giving thanks to the Creator and helping Tribal members in need as we become stronger and more unified as a sovereign nation. As long as the wind blows, the grass grows and the rivers flow, we will continue to be Mashpee Wampanoag people…the people of the first light!

Kutuputunmuw Qaqeemasq,

Cedric Cromwell