Internship Opportunity at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute (WHOI)

The Larval Fish Ecology lab at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution is looking for 2-3 interns to help with our research on larvae of river herring, coral reef fish, and sand lance. Responsibilities of these interns would be to pull fish larvae from plankton samples, measure larvae through a microscope, and possibly help out with fieldwork, which will include 1-day oceanographic cruises in the region.

There is some training involved, so we would prefer individuals who would be able to commit to at least 20 hrs per week for several weeks.

The opportunities are available immediately.

These would be unpaid internships, and prospective individuals need to be at least 18 years old, since samples are preserved in ethanol.

Interested individuals should send an email to Joel Llopiz ( expressing interest, as well as a brief summary of their educational background and career interests and goals. This is a great opportunity for college students (and soon-to-be college students) to be able to gain research experience, and would look great on a resume/CV.

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Please note, any Mashpee Wampanoag Tribal member 18 or 19 years of age who is accepted into the program can receive a stipend of $750.

Please contact Tracy Kelly or John Hanlon at the MWT Education Department for program details.
508 477.0208 ext. 150





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For many Mashpee Wampanoag Tribal households, energy cost place a severe and continuing stress on the family’s budget. In some instances, the household is forced to make painful decisions regarding which bills to pay and which necessities to survive without. The Low Income Home Energy Assistant Program (LIHEAP) is designed to help eligible low-income households supplement part of their winter heating service bills.

In order to determine your eligibility for the heating season, please submit the following documents with your application.  If all document listed below (1-5) are not submitted, the application is considered incomplete.

1. Proof of Citizenship Tribal ID,  License, Mass Photo ID, (Green Card) for all 18yrs+
2. Complete application with signature and date
3. Proof of income Employment, Social Security/Disability, Unemployment,  Pension fund, Self employment (1099) etc with current year to date showing for all in household 18yrs+
4. Proof of Residency for all listed on application Mortgage, Lease, Deed, (Pre/School Records for children)
5. Current primary heating bill/statement
Income eligibility is based on “Net Income” (after all deductions, including a max of $2000 towards rent/mortgage, but except for 401K, IRA, any other saving or retirement programs)

Any question please call Fuel Assistance Coordinator at
508-477-0208 Ext: 159/140/182

Please click here to view entire LIHEAP 2016-2017 information:





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